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Product Name: Anti-SMOKING GUARD
Supply Ability: 1000
Specifications RESDA-200
Price Term: CNF
Port of loading:
Minimum Order 1
Unit Price: RMB680
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RESDA£¨Reliable Early Smoke Detection Apparatus£©Anti-Smoking Guard mainly detects *** smoking. Here are the basic features£º
¡ï Applying technology of blue light with the advanced electronically
filters in which the hole size could be adjusted by software to adapt the
*** smoke and automatically prevent interference of dust, steam and
the like as well.
¡ï Digital automatic player , long time ,clear and loud voice.two parts:
precaution and alert. Alarm&Light alarm is available.
¡ï Remote infrared controller.
¡ï three sorts of sensibility:high, middle, low.
¡ï Automatic and manual operation about adjustable voice alert.
¡ï three kinds of anti-smoking modes £ºautomatic, display locking, voice
¡ï PM2.5 detector ,display the data of real-time ,one hour or one day
¡ï one more detectors can be operating with one nets.

Basic technical parameters
Contents Value
Operating Voltage DC12V
Power current 1A or 2A
Smoking detector current < 20mA
Voice alarm quiescent current < 30mA
Voice alarm playing current < 300mA
Voice playing time(Voice Alarm) 4 Min(max.)
Voice Volume (Alert Alarm) 110dB(max.)
Smoking detector sensibility 0.0002%m/obs
Smoking alert sensibility 0.005%m/obs¡ª0.320%m/obs
Smoking measurement range 0.0002%m/obs¡ª800.0000%m/obs
PM2.5 measurement range 1ug/ M3¡ª5000ug/ M3
Ambient temperature -10℃¡ª50℃
Relative humidity < 95%RH(no dew)

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